Cooperation Model

Neo Bio Energy, as a company active in the municipal management and environmental protection industry, has been facing the challenges faced by entities managing waste management plants and energy producers, in particular from renewable sources.

Cooperation with Neo Bio Energy ensures an increase in efficiency in terms of operating the waste landfill gas collection plant and energy management of the biogas obtained, as well as generation of electricity from other RES sources. Our offer is based on our own experience gained on the Polish and European markets for the past 30 years.

The needs of our customers and the terms & conditions of cooperation are determined on the basis of individually obtained data and information.

Our actions are aimed at improving the operations of enterprises in the following areas:

  • Meeting the electricity demand.
  • Meeting the heat demand.
  • Reduction of operating costs and increase of efficiency of the generating units.
  • Reduction of the plant maintenance costs and increase in the efficiency of gas collection on landfills.

The model of cooperation with Neo Bio Energy consists of the following elements:

  • investment financing up to 100%,
  • EPC projects execution: (design, construction, acceptance and commissioning),
  • conducting the entire process of obtaining the license for generation of electricity from RES,
  • operating and maintenance costs on the part of NBE,
  • guarantee of the Partner’s participation in the sale of energy.

Cooperation with Neo Bio Energy brings the following benefits:

Benefits for the environment and the local community:

  • Greenhouse gas emission reduction.
  • Reduction of nuisance caused by odors.
  • Reduction of the risk of fires.
  • Sound-absorbing containers reduce the noise level of operating generators.
  • A favorable image of a municipal company that takes care of the environment and the local community, and invests in renewable energy sources.

Financial benefits:

  • Possibility of 100% financing by NBE.
  • Management throughout the cooperation period financed by NBE.
  • Operating costs financed by NBE.
  • The investment risk is borne by NBE.
  • Insurance financed by NBE.
  • Partner’s participation in the profit from the sale of energy.
  • Reduction of fixed costs of the municipal company.

Operating benefits:

  • Ensuring compliance with the obligation to collect gas from the landfill.
  • No need to manage the plant.
  • Equipment modularity – possibility of relocation.
  • Possibility of changing (adapting) the installed power output after the start-up of the plant.
  • Reduce downtime and predict failures by means of a remote monitoring system.
  • Own NBE Gas Emergency Service – response time within 24 h and local service.
  • Own NBE Mechanical Outage Emergency Service – 24 h response time.
  • Own teams of mechanics for routine and general overhauls of engines and generators.
  • Ongoing operation of the plant on the NBE’s part – permanent presence of the operator.

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