Largest producer of green energy
from landfill gas in Poland


Since the beginning of 2021:

We have produced


of electricity

We have reduced emission to the atmosphere of:


of pure methane

ABOUT THE COMPANYLargest electricity producer from landfill gas in Poland

Renewable energy sources

25 plants

We are No. 1 in landfill gas collection in Poland

Electricity production volume

78 GWhe (2020 r.)

NBE owns and operates ¼ of plants in Poland, where it produces ¾ of electricity produced from all landfill gas plants in Poland

Installed electric power output

17 MW

We have generating and cogeneration units featuring a wide power output range, i.e. from 150 kW to 1,000 kW

Reduction of greenhouse gas emission in our plants

16 700 tons of CH4/per year

Is the equivalent of annual CO2 emission of approximately 150 thousand vehicles

Experience in the landfill gas electricity generation

37 years

Our team has a thorough knowledge of the industry

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