Landfill Gas RES Plant

The primary business activity of NEO Bio Energy is landfill gas collection and generation of electricity from the gas obtained. The Company is responsible for the entire “life cycle” of the plant: from the preparation of engineering and economic plans through the design, construction, start-up and further operation. Electricity generated by us is sold directly to Polish companies trading electricity. NEO Bio Energy is a part of the NEO Energy Group, a private company specialized in investing and developing renewable energy source plants, such as wind farms, solar farms and landfill gas plants.

The custom and inquisitive approach of NEO Bio Energy to the problem of using naturally limited resources of landfill gas fully exploits its potential, while reducing the negative impact on the environment.

We achieve this by managing the projects from the start of cooperation to the start-up and then to the operation and maintenance phases.

Our main goal is to ensure efficient gas collection on landfills.

Our solution includes the following activities:

Inspections and audits of landfills and energy balance.

An experienced team of NEO Bio Energy experts is able to quickly and effectively assess the amount of landfill gas that can be produced at the waste landfill and the amount of electricity and heat that can be generated.

Engineering and legal agreements..

After assessing the economic profitability of the project, Neo Bio Energy handles the entire formal and legal process and requirements necessary to commence the construction.

Construction of the gas field.

Neo Bio Energy designs and installs landfill gas collection wells in combination with a collection piping system which in turn is connected to the suction nozzle.

Construction of the power generation unit.

We select the generators and suction nozzles, flares, cooperating with each other to form a complete RES plant.

The units used feature particularly high efficiency and availability (at a level of at least 8,000 hours/year) – which translates into stability of landfill gas collection and maximization of electricity generation throughout the year.

Long-standing operation and maintenance.

Once the construction is completed, the Neo Bio Energy team is responsible for efficient operational maintenance of the plant. We monitor and balance the gas field on an ongoing basis to maintain anaerobic processes.

Investment projects during the operation period.

If the gas potential resulting from the extension of the landfill increases, we take into account the possibility of additional investments in the extension of the gas field system and/or power generation units during the operation period.

RES energy sales

Neo Bio Energy agrees the service connection requirements, and then obtains the energy generation license of the Energy Regulatory Office and sells energy under the tariffs provided for renewable energy sources.

Electricity produced from landfill gas is a “green” energy which particularly serves the enterprise’s interest in the environment and is of a prestigious nature for the local government.


Neo Bio Energy has designed and implemented an optimized plant management system to make the best use of available landfill gas.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Technically uncomplicated, reliable and effective, fault-tolerant and safe gas wells.
  • Reliable gas flow control equipment enabling to monitor gas field parameters
  • Systematic monitoring and rapid response to potential problems ensures that problems with gas migration outside the landfill are effectively reduced.
  • The management of landfill gas directly in the gas field and not only in engines supports the active control of undesirable migration.

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