Our Mission

The mission of the Neo Bio Energy team is to produce only green energy from Renewable Energy Sources:

– We obtain landfill gas that is generated inside landfills,

– Then, we burn it in engines and convert it into electricity and heat in some systems.

Our systems form a network of distributed energy sources, which is an important element of the Poland’s energy security:

– Our energy increases the diversification of energy supplies in Poland.

– We support the operation of local power networks – our systems are connected at network ends, as a result of which they reduce transmission losses.

– We carry out all the investment projects from our own funds (Neo Bio Energy is a company with Polish capital only) – we do not strive for any local government funds.

– We share the yield from green energy generation – we increase the income of municipal companies.

The activities of Neo Bio Energy are at the forefront of environmental safety in the area of waste management:

– We reduce the greenhouse gas emission.

– We reduce toxic odors from landfills.

– We reduce the risk of fires on the landfills.

We are a company with the sense of responsibility and environmental mission:

– We support the activities of associations and organizations aimed at promoting, supporting and acting in the field of the sustainable development of the modern energy sector.

– We are a company involved in legislative processes concerning the areas of waste management and energy law.

– We cooperate with the organizations of the municipal companies, landfill gas producers and organizations involved in better lawmaking in Poland.

In our company, people work who have numerous passions – from automotive sports through water sports, bicycle riding to parachuting. We engage in volunteering and charitable actions.

We follow the principles that we derive from practiced sports. We are able to achieve the goal, devote ourselves to what we do, assume responsibility for others, show professionalism and fair play principles.

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