Service for Biogas-Fired Generating Units and Gas Collection Systems

As part of its offer, NEO Bio Energy provides operation and maintenance services for all components of the electricity and/or heat generation unit, auxiliary equipment, flares and gas systems.

We offer:

  • Continuous monitoring of equipment and full service of the plant.
  • Service in the terms of ongoing maintenance of the equipment.
  • Emergency service.
  • Periodical inspections.
  • General overhauls.
  • Access to spare parts from our own warehouse.
  • Fast response time in case of failure – within 24 h.
  • Attractive terms and conditions of service agreements.

Our experienced engineers provide service round-the-clock, seven days a week, making repairs immediately and reducing downtime.

We have teams of service personnel throughout Poland. For each new location, we designate a dedicated service. Currently, Neo Bio Energy operates several dozen generating units in Poland.

We offer several basic maintenance packages, and due to our flexibility, we can adjust them to customer and facility requirements.

Maintenance packages can also be offered independently of the purchase of the plant from Neo Bio Energy, as our experts are thoroughly trained in all aspects of equipment maintenance, including full inspections and general overhauls.

Remote monitoring

We use a comprehensive unit management system called Nkontrol that allows remote management and monitoring.

A local control system is an integral part of each system. This system monitors and manages the plant operation. The system is programmed to optimize the operation of the equipment so that it corresponds to the requirements of a given facility.

The control system enables remote transmission of messages and recorded operating data and, in case of problems, makes it possible for the operator to take appropriate mitigating actions.

By means of remote communication with the equipment and its control system, engineers can more accurately assess the problem and, if possible, remotely correct and restore the unit to operate properly.

Research and development works

Our continuous commitment to R&D means that we can guarantee to our customers the use of latest proven technology.

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