About the Company

Neo Bio Energy is a part of the NEO Energy Group formed by associated entities operating in the renewable energy sector: Neo Solar Farms and Neo Wind Farms.

The Neo Energy Group portfolio currently includes one of the largest solar and wind farm projects in Poland. Currently, at the stage of building permits, nearly 200 MW wind farms and 450 MW solar farms are already present. There are further projects being developed implementation of which will yield approx. 800 MW.

Neo Bio Energy wants to allocate the investment funds obtained from successfully completed projects for subsequent strategic investment projects. At present, we are looking for the possibility of landfill gas production also from other renewable energy sources – such as e.g. bio-waste.

Our core business is the energy management of the landfill gas. We are the largest company in Poland both in terms of number of plants being managed (24 plants) and in terms of energy production output.

Neo Bio Energy fully develops its own products and areas of activity. For this purpose, we actively cooperate with the scientific community and the leaders of innovative technologies in the power sector.

We care for increasing the company core and extending the external structure. We continuously record an increase in the Company’s revenues.

Cooperation with Neo Bio Energy reduces the costs of operating the gas collection systems and the electricity generating units.

The current success of the company results from the work of an experienced team – we have over 30 years of experience in generation of electricity from landfill gas, our team consists of experienced management personnel, experts in various fields related to generation of electricity from landfill gas, solar energy and wind energy.

The team has been composed of persons related to the leaders of the Polish power industry for many years, i.a.:

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